Shelby The Long Tail Hemp Mouse

Shelby The Long Tail Hemp Mouse

From The Field

Item Code: FFT105
UPC: 890015001044
Size: 4″ x 6″ x 2″
Weight: 2.5 oz

Category: All Natural Cat Toys

Shelby the long tail hemp mouse is made with hemp fabric, hemp rope, and filled with potent organically grown catnip. The tail is 4 foot long!

Attach Shelby’s tail to a door knob and see your cat hunting skills in action!

Excellent for interactive play! (We recommend supervision when your cat is playing with it)

We use food colorant to stamp Shelby’s face, so no worries if your cat is a licker.

Comes in Assorted Colors.

Fully biodegradable and made in USA.

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